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The Little Prince
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Ontario Trillium Foundation

COMPASS Theatre Productions

Fostering a passion for the arts on stage and behind the scenes.

Providing opportunities for emerging artists, technicians and designers.

Working with acclaimed professionals to create works that engage and inspire audiences at all life stages.

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[5 June 2012] COMPASS Theatre Productions joins in the excitement as Theatre Manager Glenn Brown of the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts announces its 2012/13 Season, including our production of The Little Prince.  [Read more]

[31 May 2012] Ontario Trillium Foundation grant to help mentor youth, adults and plan strategic growth.  The area’s leading transitional and mentoring theatre company officially rebrands in 2012.  [Read more]



One sees clearly only with the heart. 
Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

-Antoine de St-Exupery

Read more about our production of
The Little Prince

Richard Willis is The Strolling Player.
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